Piaggio P180


seat icon 7 PASSENGERS luggage icon 15 kg PER PASSENGER range icon 1.000 KM in 2 H


Piaggio P180 is a turboprop aircraft with superior performance – can land on short runways and therefore offers more flexibility  than bigger aircrafts .The Piaggio P180 distinguishes itself from its competitors by its ability to achieve a high level of performance, with an unmatched fuel efficiency which means lower emissions and lower operating costs.

Since the plane does not have a kitchen , there not a flight attendant on board .

The Piaggio P180 Avanti II is the only aircraft of its category ( turbo -prop and light jet ) with a real stand-up cabin with a height of 1.80 m, as well as being able to stand, passengers can move freely due to the large cross-section of the cabin. As you would expect , the aircraft has been carefully designed and space has been made available in places where it is most needed. Quietness and large leather recliners guarantee a very relaxing and enjoyable flight.

The luggage compartment is accessible from the outside and has a maximum capacity of 15 kg per passenger.





Piaggio P180