Our Services


The services provided by Interjet are designed to ensure the optimization of travel time, safety and comfort.

Interjet offers:

hb-icon-fexibility Flexibility: fly any time with the freedom to choose the departure and arrival  times. Fly anywhere with the freedom to choose virtually any functional airport available.

hb-icon-serviceReliability: highly qualified and experienced crews and team mambers at your service

hb-icon-tecnologiaTechnology: new aircrafts equipped with latest technology and flight instruments.

hb-icon-safetyMaximum safety: highly competent engineers and pilots adhere to the highest standards, in compliance with European EASA and U.S. FAA.

hb-icon-experienceSpeed ​​and comfort to travel fast and in safety and the convenience of having a plane anywhere and at any time.

With Interjet passengers can take off and land at minor and military airports not served by scheduled flights, this offers more flexibility and the opportunity to fly to far more cities than commercial airlines. The airport and boarding operations are significantly faster when flying with a private jet which allows passengers to be able to reach more quickly the city center or their final destination.

Interjet may also ensure fewer delays and more comfortable travel by flying at higher altitudes than ordinary airlines.

Travelling with us means you can decide the flight schedule, avoiding long queues and check-in procedures, it means not being delayed by sudden strikes, or lost luggage,  being always assisted by a flight crew discreet and trustworthy.