Hawker 800XP

hawker 800xp interjet

seat icon 9 PASSENGERS luggage icon 40 kg PER PASSENGER range icon 1.000 KM in 2 H


The company’s aircraft is a Hawker 800 XP built in the U.S. in 2003, the first registered in Europe with the winglets and the new digital avionics Collins Proline 21. The 800XP is absolutely one of the safest and most  reliable aircrafts in the category of corporate jets. It  is also the most sold jet in the world, more than 800 of these aircrafts fly nowadays across the globe and 60 of them are  built each year in Wichita, Kansas, U.S. Our aircraft is hangared in its base at Bologna Marconi Airport , from where it can easily reach  all destinations in Europe, Africa , the Middle East  and Asia .

The Hawker 800XP belonging to our company is very comfortable and is equipped with toilet on board . It has two screens for DVD watching and has premium sound system connected to a CD player . The Hawker 800XP is also very versatile , it can land in Siena where the landing strip is only  1200 meters , and can as well take off  with full load of fuel and 8 passengers  at Sharm El Sheik – 4 hour flight . With one technical stop one can reach Nairobi or Recife, Canada or India.

The plane is equipped with the latest generation weather radar and thanks to its two powerful TFE 731 always flies over storms (as opposed to turboprop ) and can reach 12500 feet in just 22 minutes at full load.






Hawker 800XP